Recycled Collection

Remade to last
The Notabag Recycled Collection is our answer to plastic pollution. Each Notabag Recycled is giving 12 bottles a second life, providing a new choice for a mindful and ecoconscious lifestyle.

Plastic pollution is nothing new anymore. In fact, the projection is that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. The question is: what can we do to change that and make a positive impact?

By design, Notabag was always meant to reduce waste and provide a reusable alternative to singleuse plastic bags. But we knew that we would like to do more and our answer is Notabag Recycled.

It is a smart combination of a bag and backpack made out of recycled plastic bottles. Here are the four beautiful colors, each reminding us of the power of our choices:

    Every Notabag Recycled is made of 12 used plastic bottles.

    Choose consciously

    • 100% Recycled PET Polyester
    • Reusable/eco-friendly
    • Multifunctional: bag & backpack
    • Water-resistant
    • Machine-washable
    • Handmade
    • Carries easily 20 kg
    • Spacious: 45×65 cm
    • Award-winning design

    Making a positive impact together
    As members of the organisation 1% for the Planet, we commit to donate one percent of our annual sales to environmental nonprofits.